9 month pregnancy home workout program to keep you fit and healthy and protecting your core (to reduce the risk of diastasis recti) during each trimester. 
Here's what you get:
9 months of real time workout videos designed to help you stay fit and strong during your pregnancy in only 30 minutes or less a day.
Workouts for each trimester. 
Workout schedules for each month.
Core workouts to keep your core strong to support your growing belly and help you with postpartum belly.
Only equipment you need is a chair, resistance band, dumbbell, stability ball. 
Tips for mindset and labor.
Tips and exercising for preparing for labor.
Simple nutrition tips to support you on this special journey.

This online workout program is safe for diastasis recti  (an ab separation that occurs during pregnancy).

A fitness diastasis safe pregnancy program created by a mom of 2 and personal trainer who had and healed diastasis. Specifically for future, expecting, and new moms that want to protect their core.
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I just want to share how amazing these workouts are for a working mom. I can get them done at home in under 30 minutes.  And they are effective workouts. They give me energy during my pregnancy. Thank you so much!  ~ Ana S.
Such great pregnancy workouts that work my entire body and CORE in a safe way. I was so nervous about Diastasis postpartum as I knew how I worked out during pregnancy would effect it, I am so happy I found this workout program. As all the workouts I am loving and feeling so strong. Thanks! ~ Jessica P
All workouts are done in real time for busy moms looking to prevent a large ab separation postpartum, stay strong and have fun doing it. 
Please note:  All sales are final and results vary.